Information and Referrals

The Mount Pleasant Community Policing Centre’s Information and Referral Services operates from our street front office to address citizens safety concerns, promote crime prevention and provide information about community resources. The program is operated by trained volunteers and staff with the support of the Neighbourhood Police Officers.


  • Take reports on local crime, and/or serious instances of disorder.
  • Connect people with the Vancouver Police Department, City of Vancouver and  other services.
  • Track and return lost and found items (wallets, keys, ID, phones, etc.)

Volunteer Patrols:

Volunteer patrollers are an extra set of eyes and ears who walk or bike the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and interact with community members in a non-conformational manner. The volunteers are trained in overdose awareness, personal safety and de-escalation, and report writing. Volunteers report community concerns back to the CPC office for follow up.


  • Educating the public on community safety.
  • Working with the VPD and City of Vancouver to address business concerns.
  • Issue crime alerts door to door on emerging concerns.
  • Connecting marginalized population with social services and providing direct support.

Road Safety

The goal of the Road Safety Program is to increase safety in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers. Activities are operated in partnership with the Vancouver Police Department, ICBC, residents, schools and other community stakeholders to address local concerns.


  • Speed watch with VPD traffic and radar equipment.
  • Distracted driving watch with the VPD and ICBC.
  • Project 529 Garage bike registration services.
  • Pedestrian & Cycling education events.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) research shows systematic removal of litter and offensive graffiti can greatly reduce crime, vandalism and mischief. Through cleanups, cigarette butt removal and graffiti paint outs volunteers help make neighborhoods cleaner and connect with community members.


  • Community Clean Ups (pickup up litter and used syringes from the neighbourhood).
  • Public art installations and space beautification.
  • Graffiti removal and paint outs.


The Community Outreach Program offers a broad range of initiatives to help strengthen the Mount Pleasant Community Policing Centre’s relationship with community members and stakeholders. The program’s goal is to promote engagement and provide a bridge between the community and the Vancouver Police Department.


  • Connecting and networking with a wide variety of Community members
  • Participating in parades and events with VPD members
  • Working in partnership with other CPC’s volunteers toward common goals